Dino Dash Party is a fast paced 4 player casual couch co-op/party game where you throw bombs, collect food and try to stay alive.

Work together or compete against each other in a variety of minigames, add modifiers to change your play experience or go into our challenge mode with crazy wacky stages.

Cute Dino Characters!

Join the Herd or Be the leader of the pack. Battle your friends or work together as one of the four cute dino characters, in either local co-op or on Steam’s remote play together.

Awesome Game Modes!

Experience our games in 3 awesome game modes, Grand Prix, Arcade or Challenge Mode.

Play against each other or team up in over 10 minigames, such as Shoot the Hoop! and Don’t Touch me!

Or go absolutely prehistoric with our challenge mode variants, insane stages specially designed for maximum for chaos and fun.

Game Changing Modifiers!

Use Modifiers to maximize chaos in Arcade mode. Try out challenge mode where we’ve utilized multiple modifiers for completely different experience!

With over 9 new & different ways to experience your favorite games.

Speed up the game with Modifiers that let you double jump, or run super fast
Hide and escape better with with Invisibility or Ink Splat

Roar-Some Reviews: Curators Rave About Dino Dash Party!

“Super fun game that you can play with your kids - has local multiplayer for up to 4 people. Sadly no coop but if you are looking for fun game and kid friendly then you definetely should check it out”
“Up to 4 little local dinosaurs/no bots compete in 15 small mini-games. Collect and throw stuff, jump, dash - easy to learn, short time limit - ideal to play with your kids. ”